sabato 9 giugno 2012

Scary couture

Recently I found myself with some spare time (I finished my exams for this session, see you in September university!) and a lot of fabric scraps (due to a big closet cleaning and renewal), so I decided to create some new clothes for my Monster High dolls.
Considering  that the last time I sewed doll clothes I was 8 and I didn't used patterns (in fact the designs are very simple), I'm quite satisfied of how they came out :)
This is my very favourite: a two-pieces set for Operetta, made with some black and white satin ribbon scraps.

A simple black dress with green and gold trimmings for Cleo, the necklace is also handmade (using a piece of a broken bracelet)

A casual minidress for Spectra, who's reading about the latest gossip and trends on the latest issue of CosmoGhouls ( I had a lot of fun taking these pictures :D)

This one is my latest creation, a two-pieces set for Lagoona, with glass beads fringes and a sea-themed belt
(the top is a bit too large, but it is not very visible when worn ^^)

Right now I'm looking for new fabrics and trimmings for my experiments, see you soon with the next batch of clothes!