giovedì 7 aprile 2011

Baby Angel review (picture heavy)

Last week I received as a birthday surprise form my boyfriend two "famous" skirts by Fiorucci's minor brand Baby Angel. I said "famous" because not only those skirts (and another jsk) gave birth to a lot of discussions in the italian lolita community, but they are in fact two Metamorphose replicas. A lot of people was disappointed about Baby Angel's spring/summer 2011 collection, because it includes those two skirts that are "heavily inspired" by Meta's Cherry Berry and Blooming Garden, and another jsk very similar to a Putumayo one. There are a lot of complaining posts on Baby Angel fb page and a long discussion on our national lolita community about this, but I will not report them here, I have nothing against replicas (even though I know that this position can not be shared by many) so here I will just write my personal review of the skirts.
Let's start with "Cherry Berry" skirt, here's a picture of it lying flat:

The print is gorgeous: very vivid colours and nice details, the cotton which it's made of also seems good (touhg a little too light for winter). I can't decide what is my favourite of the two, because they are both beautiful and well constructed, the only "odd" thing about this one is the writting, you cans ee from the pic below that it says "Baby Angel temps de fille", it doesn't sound great, but I can live with it ^^ (it would have been better if they had just written Baby Angel or nothing at all)

The lace on the edge is quite good (cotton, I think)

and they both have a light built in petticoat (so the skirt doesn't look too flat if you're not wearing a proper petticoat underneath)

And now the "Blooming Garden":

This one doesn't have any strange slogan on it (it only says "Baby Angel"), this print also is very beautiful: vivid colours and nice details as the other one, here's a close up

The tulle lace on edge isn't my favourite but at least is very soft

However I wouldn't recommend them to anyone taller than 1,65/67 m, because they're  a little too short, luckily mines are both in L size so they're long enough (they are large on the waist, but it can be tightened with a belt or waist ties)
To conclude I can say that I'm really pleased of these skirts, I can't wait to wear them in an outfit! (Tomorrow begins Torino Comics 2011, a local comiconvention and I'm planning of wearing the cherry one, I'll post some pics ;))

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