martedì 6 settembre 2011

Make up review: Mavala Mini Color nailpolish

A while ago, since I love nail polishes and nail art, a friend of my mother who works in a perfume shop, gave me some samples of Mavala Mini Colour nail polishes to try, and now that I've finally tried on all of them, I want to write a little review of this product.
The colour I have are (from left to right in the picture above):
- Traviata (no number)
-128 Acid Yellow
- 20 Cairo
- 127 Volcanic orange
- 64 Bilbao
- 65 Adelaide
- 29 Glasgow
- 218 Minsk
- 155 Bronze Green
To show you them all in once  used a set of clear fake nails, here's a picture of all the colours worn (I couldn't catch it clearly in the pictures, but left side is how it looks with just one coat and right side with two coats)

And now my review!
Colours: 5/5 the colours are very bright with shiny pearly reflections. Except for the lighter ones, just one coat is enough to get a good covering colour with no signs of brush strokes. My very favourite of these colours is Acid Yellow.
Colour Lasting: 3/5 they are easy to take off with nail remover, even the darker colours don't leave any shadow on nails, but they are also easy to scratch!
Price: 2/5 I got these ones as a gift, but I checked the price on the web and they are 4€ (5,6$) each, considering how tiny is the bottle (5ml, half of a regular polish bottle) the price is a bit high.

My overall rating: 3,5/5

(This my very first make up review, so please if you have some tips, constructive criticism or more features you want to see in a review, feel free to write me, I'm looking forward for your advices :))

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