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Make up review: Pupa Nail Art Kit White & Pop Pink

I'm a great lover of nail polishes and nail art in general, so when I discovered those cracked nail art kit by Pupa I took advantage of the summer sales to buy one. Then September exams captured all my attention, and that kit sat unused in my drawer until a couple days ago, when I finally decided to take a little time to try it.
There were several pairs of colors available, I chose white and pop pink.
I was pleasantly surprised by the white base, in comparison to other white polishes that I tried, this is definitely the best: with just one glaze you get an excellent uniform cover.
The package says to let it dry for 4 minutes before putting on the second color, so I waited for about 5/6 minutes (just to be sure the white was completely dry) and then started to apply the pink one (which creates the cracked effect, the white one is just a regular polish).
The first thing I noticed was that, unlike the white, this enamel was a bit difficult to apply, it is more dense and dries very quickly, so you have to apply it with a single quick brushstroke.
Now comes the fun part: the pink cover immediately starts cracking at sight!
Unfortunately, I immediately noticed that in addition to cracking, pink enamel was also "absorbing" the white base, leaving the natural nail color visible in some spots.
It's no so evident from the picture, but in real the final effect isn't very nice, I also tried applying a transparent top coat, as the package suggest, but it didn't help a lot :(
I was a little disappointed, but I didn't surrender, perhaps the base was not completely dry, or maybe the effect works better with a darker base. So I tried using a different base (the cracking cover works with any polish), my favorite black polish by Ever. I put on 2 coats this time, being also careful to let it dry for a longer time, and this is the result:
Way better!(except for some smudges around the nail, but I usually clean them with polish remover after I'm finished)
As I thought, the base needs more time to dry,or it will get ruined during the cracking time. If you let it dry enough it works even with light bases, nex time I want to try it with pastel lilac :)
My review:
Colours: 4,5/5
white one is great, pink one instead is a little too opaque when dry .
Colour lasting: 4/5 
the cracking color tends to scratch easy without a top coat.
Price: 3,5/5
I checked in different shops and the price of the kit varies from 5€ (6,8$ which is pretty good, considering there are two polishes in the package) to 12€ (12,5$  which is, in my opinion, insanely high). There is a considerable gap between the minimum and maximum price, but in most shops they are about 6/7€, which is quite a reasonable price for brand polishes.
My overall rating: 4/5
Once you get the trick to use them better, they can come in handy for a quick and cool manicure, maybe I'll buy other colour pairs in the future :)

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